Commercial Business Rates

Whilst rate revaluations are five yearly, and each can result in an increase on the rates burden for occupiers, opportunities exist on a year by year basis to reduce your rates liabilities.

Obtaining professional advice often results in significant savings for our clients. We have a panel of consultant rating advisors with expertise throughout the UK who are selected and managed by Square Foot Consulting.

Rating services include:

  • An overview of current rate liability under the current Rating List.
  • Advice on whether an appeal is appropriate.
  • Negotiations with the Valuation Office and, where relevant, the Rating Authority.
  • Advice on rate account management, including temporary reductions, splits and mergers and transitional relief arrangements.

Case Studies

Cardiff Pinnacle
UK Premises
Cardif Pinnacle

Cunningham Lindsey
UK Premises
Cunningham & Lindsey